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RJ Nash
I'm sending this memory to 3 of the greatest part of my life. I can't go on those great  walks anymore but will always remember how much I will always Love the 3 of you. Thank you for those memories. I love all of you. 
Bridgette Your Sister
I will remember your favorite position on your sofa. 
Sampsons forever XMas tree
You Will Always Be a Big Part Of Your family.
I Though Of You With Love Today, But That Is Nothing New. I Thought About You Yesterday, And Days Before That Too. I Think Of You In Silence. I  Often Speak Your Name. Now All I Have Is Memories, And Your Picture In a frame. Your Memory Is My keepsake, With Which I"ll Never Part. God Has You In His Keeping. I Have You In My Heart.
Remembering your smile
We remember when you had your frog
Your favorite car
put on a few days after you passed away
Sampsons Mom
I Remember How You Allways Was Kissing . And Loved To Play.You Loved Your Food No Matter What It Was.You Were So Special With Uncondition Love For Every One
Your place in my home
Bridgette nash the girl......
Your family your XMas Tree
Thought Of You Today And Every Day I Was Using The Vacume And Remembered How You Ran After It And   Would Bite It Cause You Thought It Was Hurting Me I Miss Those  Times
Remember Christmas years ago
Christmas with my brother 2005. We had our own puppy parade.Love Bridgette....

nash Family MerryChristmas
Remember when you weren't too sure about this Santa......
Roosevelt Nash Jr
Roosevelt Nash Jr
Sampsons Mom
 I Remember When You Chased The Light On The Floor From The  FlashLight   When You  Laid On My Lap Like As If You Were A Cat When You Got Excited When It Was Time To Eat And Would Toss A Toy Up In The Air And Lay On The Floor And Waite For Me To Finish Dishes And Allways Kissing You Were Special
Sadum.Bridgette.Sampson Forever a Team.
Remember when the gang was here..
Bridgette nash the girl......
I will always remember how hard it was for me to get this ball.
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